27 Year Old Asks Stepfather To Adopt Her

Lindsey Collins has known Mark High since she was nine years old. Now, nearly 20 year later, in this viral video, Lindsey asks her stepfather to adopt her. Watch the sweet reaction he has when he reads the word ‘adoption.’

Lindsey and Mark immediately got a long. He always treated her like he was his biological child. He would take her to the mall as a child and buy her Pokemon cards and as she got older he would give her advice and help in anyway he could. When in 2001 Lindsey’s mother and Mark got married, Lindsey was in the wedding.

The family often talked about Mark adopting his stepdaughter, but never quite followed through. Then one Father’s Day, Lindsey decided it was time. Lindsey knew that if something were to happen, her stepfather and mother’s marriage was the only thing connecting them, and she wanted more than that.

The video has been viewed more than 382,000 times on Facebook, so clearly other families are resonating with the tender moment. There’s something about the honest, sincere reaction that Mark has upon this surprise that has you reaching for the tissues.

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