10 Ways to support a Foster Parent or Adoptive Parent

Are you looking for ways to support a foster or adoptive parent, but don’t really know what they need?  This article talks about the intricate details of being a foster or adoptive family and what they need from those around them in order to feel supported and succeed.

When we decided to become foster parents with the intention of adopting we realized that we had never been through the foster care and adoption journey with anyone around us. While we knew friends who had adopted or were adopting and others who had fostered children before, they were all out of state. We were happy for them. Excited for them. But not really able to be there for them except thru Facebook, text messages, and a phone call or two. 

We had no idea what we were getting into. Honestly, I had to figure out what the first steps were to even becoming a foster parent was on my own. The only thing I knew for certain was that we wanted to open our home to children who needed love. The rest of the journey was a huge learning curve!

Not everyone is called to be a Foster Parent or an Adoptive Parent. There are many reasons to be a Foster Parent and to Adopt, but adoption and foster care is not right for every family. And that my friend, is totally okay. No one should be guilted into embarking on the journey of foster care and adoption. 

That being said, you can absolutely take part in supporting those who are Foster Parents or adopting!!!! In fact, I believe that it is quite essential for the success of these families who are opening themselves up in one of the most vulnerable ways. 

When we started our journey, no one around me really knew what to do to help. I didn’t know what to ask for. And when I did know what to ask for, I felt guilty asking for it.

There were quite a few obnoxious people who gave us a piece of their mind about the horrors of foster care and adoption and felt let to tell us all of the nightmare stories they heard third-hand from their friends-uncles-sister-by-marriage. Good Jesus! Please, shut your mouth! Unless you have experienced the story FIRST hand…I don’t want to hear it! Ahem!

I found an amazing support group on Facebook with several hundred active foster parents and veteran adoptive parents. They have been an amazing resource for me through this journey. I asked them what they needed most from friends and family during the Foster Care and Adoptive Journey. These are their responses…

This is what Foster Parents and Adoptive Parents need the most:

To read the full list, click here.


Sarah - Content Specialist for adopting.org, is a mother both biologically and through domestic infant open adoption. She resides with her husband and two boys in Ohio. She is passionate about open adoption and adoption education. In her free time she enjoys cooking, photography, writing, and hiking. You can find more of her adoption work at Heart For Open Adoption on Facebook or on Adoption.com.

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