10 Things Your Adopted Child Needs To Know (An Adoptee’s Perspective)

Christina Romero was adopted from South Korea when she was two years old. She is the voice behind the blog Diary of a Not-So-Angry Asian Adoptee and eloquently provides an adoptee’s perspective in discussions about adoption.

In this article, she addresses some of the key beliefs and fears that may prevent an adoptee from feeling peace and allowing themselves to unfold into the people they were intended to be.

She writes, “Adoption is complicated and messy and wonderful and heartbreaking. Life may feel wonderful to you now or it may feel confusing and awful. Know that your feelings about being adopted are valid and will likely change throughout your life – and that is completely normal and okay.”

Read the whole article on Huffington Post.

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Rachel Skousen

Rachel has a long-held passion for adoption that was sealed through her work as the content manager at Adoption.com. She currently works as a content specialist at Adopting.org, finding and sharing amazing adoption content from across the web. She is a mom of three and loves reading and napping in her spare time.

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