Books That Feature Adopted And Foster Kids

Rincey is a contributing editor at Book Riot. She has a passion for adoption and foster care, so she’s personally

Mom Shares Her Story Of Making The Decision To Adopt A Child With Special Needs

Kindle Garner is the adoptive mom of three children. “Our hands are full – we get that comment a lot,”

Embryo Adoption | FAQ

Angela of This Gathered Nest is currently expecting TWINS following an embryo adoption! Angela is no stranger to adoption – she

Tough Guy Dad Can’t Help But Cry When His Stepdaughter Asks Him To Adopt Her

“Do you know what that is?” “Am I adopting you?” “I want you to. You don’t have to. You can

Dad Sees His Daughter Before He Ever Meets Her: Watch This Incredible Adoption Story

“I was about 10 or 12 years old,” recalls Walt. “Middle of the day. God gives me a very vivid

How Is The Birth Father Involved In Your Adoption?

A lot of people assume that if a child is being placed for adoption, the birth father isn’t involved. This

Adoption Journey: A Story Of Loss and Hope

This couple has an incredible amount of love. Their persistence through disappointment after disappointment is inspiring. I also appreciate their

The Adoption Process

“Adoption is one of the  single most impactful thing that has happened in my life.” In this informative video, Mindy

The Truth About Open Adoption | Our America with Lisa Ling

This video explores the relationship between Sophie – a girl who chose adoption after becoming unexpectedly pregnant at 16 –

Mae And Tasha: A Mom And Daughter Pair Who Were Meant To Be

Mae lived in seven different homes during her two-year sojourn in foster care.  “They didn’t really pay attention to you,”

Attachment Disorder: Diagnosis And Treatment

“The language of children is behavior. Feelings such as loss, grief, and sadness may be expressed in angry, alienating behaviors.

Do I Really Need To Go Through An Adoption Agency?

In many states, you can complete an adoption without the support of an adoption agency. But would you want to?

She Gave Her Daughter Up For Adoption Decades Ago. Today, She Sees Her Photo For The First Time.

“I figured the best thing was to put her up for adoption, where someone could love her and give her

Our Embryo Adoption Story

Angela is a mother of five. Three of her children came to her through adoption, two came through birth. She

Hearbreak, Hope, and Healing: A Young Mother’s Adoption Story

Callie Mitchell was a photography student at Ohio State University when she became pregnant unexpectedly. Shortly, after she became pregnant,

Have You Considered Adopting Through Foster Care? Learn More from the Williams’ Adoption Story!

Travis and Amanda Williams had six biological children when they became foster parents. Fostering expanded their permanent family by two

#$%@ People Say To Transracial Families

Are those your kids? Are you babysitting today? Do you want  kids of your own? How much did they cost?

Parenting? Adoption? Abortion? Katelyn Talks About Why She Chose Adoption

  Katelyn was an older teen just starting out in college when she became pregnant. At first, adoption was nowhere

Mark Schultz’s ‘Everything To Me’ Is A Love Song For His Birth Mother

Christian singer Mark Schultz was adopted when he was a baby. He wrote the song “Everything To Me” as a message

Open Adoption Brought These Two Families Together Through A Path Of Heartache And Love

“It was Father’s Day 2009. And I’ll never forget it. We went to the hospital and we delivered a little

Mother Meets Daughter She Placed For Adoption 77 Years Ago

Minka was 16 years old when she was cornered in the woods and raped. A few months later, she learned

At Any Cost: How One Family Adopted 8 Children From Africa

Mike and Hayley Jones had two biological children when they decided to adopt a child – maybe a sibling pair

Ella Coming Home To Her Family From China

This is a sweet video documenting the adoption journey of a little girl named Ella. Her first year of life

Happy Birth Mother’s Day

“The choice for adoption is always a very hard decision for a woman to make. But every birth mother has

Girl, 12, Brings Down The House With Adoption Proposal Song To Stepdad During Talent Show

Hailey Quinones isn’t usually a demonstrative girl. According to her mother, she’s always making jokes to deflect her real emotions.

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