“I’m Glad We Took The Leap Of Faith” – Adopting 3 Kids From Haiti

Adoption can be a scary prospect. There are many variables you can’t control, and if you feel like adoption is

“We Will Love You Forever And Ever And Ever” – A Congo Adoption Story

When Steven and Wellen Bridger began their adoption journey, they were first matched with a pair of twin boys living

Found: One Woman’s Story Of Finding Her Birth Family Through Facebook

“To stand and hold a sign and say, ‘I’m looking for my mommy’ is humiliating at age 41. But I

Jena Is A Birth Mom With An Open Adoption. This Is Her Story.

Jena was a high school student when she became pregnant. She recalls the miracle of connecting with her son’s birth

Tips For New Foster Parents: Visual Schedules

“Recently, I asked a community of experienced foster and adoptive parents what advice they would give to new foster parents,”

Paige Is A 20-Year-Old Adoptee In An Open Adoption. Here’s What She Has To Say About It.

Open Adoption and Family Services opened thirty years ago with a focus on promoting open adoptions. Their first placements are

How Did You Adopt The Culture Of Your Child’s Country?

When you adopt a child from a foreign country, it is important to bring at least a part of the

Brother’s Response to Baby’s Adoption Has Courtroom Laughing

This heartwarming feature produced by USA Today shares a precious moment in a the life of one family – one

Michaela De Prince: Civil War Survivor, International Adoptee, Professional Ballerina

Michaela De Prince is a professional ballerina. Besides being an exquisite dancer, she is a warrior who has overcome tremendous

Mickey Mouse Surprises Kids With Their Adoption Date (Grab Some Tissues!)

These two siblings were obviously excited to be meeting with Mickey Mouse on their Disney vacation. The talkative character cheerfully

Search For Birth Mother: Adopted Daughter Meets Mom

Teresa Stensen was adopted as a baby. She had a happy childhood, but she always wondered about her birth mother.

The Surprise Adoption

Lacey and Banks Farris experienced a rocky path on the way to parenthood. They trudged through years of infertility. They

ReMoved: This Short Film Provides An Intimate Glimpse Into The Life Of A Child In Foster Care

Removed is a moving documentary that will forever change the way you think about children in foster care. It begins

Man Finds Birth Mother In Manila 30 Years After Getting Lost In A Market

Thirty years after getting lost, Joel De Carteret knew he had to find his birth mother. He couldn’t remember her

Amanda Explains How Open Adoption Has Blessed Her Family

Amanda is a mom of three boisterous young children, but motherhood did not come easily to her. After years of

What Fills Your Cup? Thoughts For Foster Parents

We’ve all heard it, but it’s very true – and very important. You can’t pour water out of an empty

Watch This Visually Impaired Orphan Meet Her Parents For The First Time

This sweet little girl named Grace is visually impaired. As China phases out its one-child policy, an increasing amount of

Adopted Deaf Boy Is Ecstatic When Mickey And Minnie Sign With Him

A little boy who has experienced some challenging experiences early in life got the experience of a lifetime when he

This Cute Pair Of Veterinarians Are Hoping To Adopt

Dennis and Andrea met at the animal clinic where they both worked as veterinarians. They were friends at first. “Finally

Bringing Home Our Daughter From China

“One year ago we headed to China and brought home our sweet Ellie bug. This year in January our sweet Brooklyn

Adopt A Love Story: The Spicer Family

There is no doubt in Alli Spicer’s mind that they have been called to adopt. Everything – from experiences she

What Will My Foster Child Call Me? (A Fostered Life)

What should I have them call me? In this video, foster mom Kristy addresses this particular concern of new foster

This Birth Mom Wants You To Understand This Truth About Her Choice To Place Her Child For Adoption

Haley Kirkpatrick wants you to understand the truth behind why a mother would place a child for adoption. Haley was

Teacher Adopts Student

Jodi Kacz is a reading intervention teacher in Phoenix, AZ who had never been able to have biological children, due

Books That Feature Adopted And Foster Kids

Rincey is a contributing editor at Book Riot. She has a passion for adoption and foster care, so she’s personally

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