Orphan Meets New Mom And Makes Everyone Cry

Audrey Shook ran to her little daughter in the crowded airport, first kneeling and saying hello, then scooping the six-year-old

Taking The Leap Of Faith Into Adoption

The moment he met Sarah, Ryan Pettit knew he was looking at the woman he was meant to marry. “We

Fireman Adopts Baby Girl He Delivered

In November 2011, Marc Hadden and his team responded to a call regarding a mother in labor. It quickly became

On Their Way To Meet Their New Baby, These Parents Got Some Shocking News

Allison and Josh thought that their family was complete with five children.  But, says Allison, “The Lord had a different plan

Two Brothers Meet Their Birth Mom

“My name’s Robbie, and I’m going to meet my birth mother this weekend.” Robbie grew up always knowing he was

Watch Behind The Bump: A Birth Mom’s Story

Birth mom Melissa Link didn’t intent to make herself the subject of a documentary . . . it just kind

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Michael

Michael is a 16-year-old from Utah who is passionate about archery. He likes the solitary quiet nature of the sport,

Looking For A Forever Family: 5 Siblings Hope to Stay Together

They are currently living in two different foster homes, but Rashawn, Leyah, Maryah, James, and Jasmine need to stay together.

8 Adoption Stories That Will Give You The Feels | ABC News Remix

ABC News collected some of the best adoption stories in video and compiled them into a thirteen-minute collection that will

Telling My Mom I Found Her Adopted Daughter

(The action really starts at about 2:20.) Taylor’s mom placed a daughter for adoption 21 years ago. Taylor did a

11-Year-Old Boy’s Stepdad Presents Him With Adoption Papers; His Reaction is Priceless

Landon’s stepdad has been a part of his life since he was a baby. Now, after 11 years, they’re going

Emotional 100-Day Adoption Story

Phil and Alex are adoptive parents and vloggers who put together a quick video summary of their adoption story. Phil describes

Looking For A Forever Family: Daevon

Daevon is a smart young man with a great sense of humor. He does well in school and excels at

Single Dad Adopts Five Teenage Boys

Ken Baggallay became a foster dad simply because he wanted to help kids. The opportunity to adopt a child came

Woman’s Search For Her Birth Father Ends When She Discovers They Volunteer Together

Amy Roberson began volunteering at Phoenix Rescue Mission as a volunteer in the soup kitchen once a week. She loved her

Family That Adopted Neighbor’s Three Kids Get An Incredible Surprise

Audrey, a mother of 3, asked Tisha, her neighbor and mother of 5, if she could watch her kids while

Princess Leia Oversees Star-Wars Themed Adoption Ceremony

Zoe Pedicone, age 4, was adopted by her foster mom after more than two years of living in her care.

Meet My Daughter: A Foster Adoption Story

Kimberly Holden had fostered five kids before little Lizzie came into her home. She was just 8 months old and

From A Family Of Four To A Family Of Eleven In Five Years

“Our lives have been a little crazy. But very rewarding.” Lisa and Steve began the process of becoming foster parents

Adopting A Teenager: The Morlan Family Story

Karen and Ron Morlan were directed to foster care. Little signs: a message on a license plate, a podcast Karen

Born Blind, Ted Will ‘Spend His Life Defying Others’ Expectations For Him’

Ted was born blind and abandoned shortly after birth. Despite that, he is a happy, bright child with tenacity and

Our Down Syndrome Adoption Story Documentary

“I’ve always known that I wanted to adopt,” says Sunflower Mae’s mom said. And she had spent a lot of

10-Year-Old Twins Separated At Birth Meet For The First Time

Jennifer Doering was curious about her daughter’s past. The Doerings adopted Audrey from China when she was still a baby,

Watch This Family’s Incredible Story of Love . . . And Help Them Bring Their Son Home

It was on a mission trip to Thailand that Emily first made a connection with an orphaned child. She was holding a

Not Just An Adoption Website: A Platform For Changing The World

“When you can go to an orphanage and connect with a specific child, it stops being ‘Work to stop the

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