Trigg’s Foster Care Adoption Story

Trigg was placed in foster care when he was just baby. Stacey and Drew Langstraat brought him to their home.

Adopting Haiti Children: One Woman’s Story

Deborah shares her story about adopting Haiti children. Deborah and her spouse are parents to seven children now, three of

This Surprise Will Have You Reaching For The Tissues

This stepdad is in for a beautiful surprise. Last Father’s Day his stepson surprised his stepdad with adoption papers. First

Adoption Announcement Will Have You In Tears

Do you remember how you made the announcement? Or do you remember how that family member or friend made the

What Can I Do To Help My Child’s Birth Mother?

If you’re going through an independent adoption, you need to make sure someone is on the side of the birth

27 Year Old Asks Stepfather To Adopt Her

Lindsey Collins has known Mark High since she was nine years old. Now, nearly 20 year later, in this viral

China International Adoption Changes Have Families In Tears

China international adoption requirements have changed yet again. Unfortunately this has left some families emotionally distraught. In the case of

How To Adopt The Culture Of Your Child’s Country

In this International Adoption Voices video, adoptive moms share how they adopt the culture of their children in their homes.

Tamra Explains Her Choice To Place Her Child For Adoption

In this short video, Tamra, a birth mother, explains why she chose to place Justin for adoption. She knows that

This Is Us Season 2 Trailer Will Have You In Tears

If you’re like most of America, you’ve been anxiously waiting for season two of This is Us to start back

Greatest Adoption Story Ever | Generation Black

“They’re children that just want to belong…to be part of a family,” said Veronica. Those are the words from a

3 Things I Do Not Love About Being A Foster Parent

Being a foster parent is no easy task and Christy from A Fostered Life is here to give it to

Birth Mother Love: Placing A Child Isn’t About Not Enough Love

“It takes sacrifice and a willingness to put that child above your own wants…” One of the biggest misconceptions about

Brothers’ Adorable Reaction To New Brother

Do you remember the first time you saw your new brother? Perhaps you were jumping for joy or worried about

“I’m Glad We Took The Leap Of Faith” – Adopting 3 Kids From Haiti

Adoption can be a scary prospect. There are many variables you can’t control, and if you feel like adoption is

“We Will Love You Forever And Ever And Ever” – A Congo Adoption Story

When Steven and Wellen Bridger began their adoption journey, they were first matched with a pair of twin boys living

Found: One Woman’s Story Of Finding Her Birth Family Through Facebook

“To stand and hold a sign and say, ‘I’m looking for my mommy’ is humiliating at age 41. But I

Jena Is A Birth Mom With An Open Adoption. This Is Her Story.

Jena was a high school student when she became pregnant. She recalls the miracle of connecting with her son’s birth

Tips For New Foster Parents: Visual Schedules

“Recently, I asked a community of experienced foster and adoptive parents what advice they would give to new foster parents,”

Paige Is A 20-Year-Old Adoptee In An Open Adoption. Here’s What She Has To Say About It.

Open Adoption and Family Services opened thirty years ago with a focus on promoting open adoptions. Their first placements are

How Did You Adopt The Culture Of Your Child’s Country?

When you adopt a child from a foreign country, it is important to bring at least a part of the

Brother’s Response to Baby’s Adoption Has Courtroom Laughing

This heartwarming feature produced by USA Today shares a precious moment in a the life of one family – one

Michaela De Prince: Civil War Survivor, International Adoptee, Professional Ballerina

Michaela De Prince is a professional ballerina. Besides being an exquisite dancer, she is a warrior who has overcome tremendous

Mickey Mouse Surprises Kids With Their Adoption Date (Grab Some Tissues!)

These two siblings were obviously excited to be meeting with Mickey Mouse on their Disney vacation. The talkative character cheerfully

Search For Birth Mother: Adopted Daughter Meets Mom

Teresa Stensen was adopted as a baby. She had a happy childhood, but she always wondered about her birth mother.

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