Bring Joy Into The Life Of A Foster Child Through ‘One Simple Wish’

When Danielle Gletow and her husband, Joe, became foster parents and adopted their daughter Mia from foster care, their hearts

Family Adopts Ten Children With Down Syndrome

“We never, ever planned to have 15. Three was a distinct possibility. Five would have been nice.” When the Daultons

‘You Were Meant To Adopt That Baby Girl’ – The Meyer Family Adoption Srory

“I was not an advocate of adoption at first,” says RJ Meyer, “because I was really, honestly, that guy who

A Story Of Older Child Adoption

“Adoption had been part of our plans for a long time. When we finally embarked on the journey, God took

Vlogger Ben Deen Shares His Adoption And Reunion Story

Ben Deen was adopted from a foster home in South Korea when he was just a baby. Though he grew

She Was Abandoned At Just One Day Old, But Brought To Her Forever Family Two Years Later

“Sometimes life takes us places we never expected to go. And in those places, God writes a story we never

Our Adoption Loss

Their adoption agency called after they’d been waiting for three years: ‘This is the call you’ve been waiting on!’ So Audra

What It Takes To Be A Birth Mom

Tori, a birth mom in an open adoption, shares a little bit about her experience of healing after placing a

The Effects Of Trauma And Neglect On Brain Development

Christy of a fostered life says that when she began her foster care journey, she knew very little about how

Ethan The Superkid: A China Adoption Story

Superkids is a program aimed at helping older children and children with special needs in China find their forever families.

He Grew Up In Foster Care. Now He’s Making Sure These Boys Know What Family Means

Joe grew up in foster care and aged out at 21. He never knew his parents. So when he adopted

Teen Adopted After Spending 2,310 Days In Foster Care

2,310 days. 3 adoption specialists. 24 caseworkers. 3 attorney ad litems. 11 placements. 1 legal support specialist. 2 judges. 8

Miracle After Miracle Unfolded To Bring About This Haitian Adoption Story

On the first morning of their 2012 Mission Trip to Von Repos, Haiti, the Lundquists met a sweet little Haitian

Can Adoptive Moms Breastfeed?

(The discussion about breastfeeding really starts at about 4:00.) Most people are familiar with the benefits of breastmilk for babies

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Alfred

Freddy is an energetic 3-year-old who is ready to be adopted. He is currently attending a preschool where he has been

The Family Behind ‘Lion’ | Saroo Brierley’s Incredible Story – Studio 10

Saroo and Sue  Brierley made an appearance on Studio 10 to talk about their story, the foundation of the movie

Foster Care Adoption: It’s Worth It

They say that the best things in life are free. And that’s true, in a way. The best things in

Joy: Two Adoption Stories

Curtis and Carrie Honeycutt always wanted to adopt. In fact, When Carrie was in the seventh grade, she wrote a

Hoda Kotb Adopted A Baby Girl: “She’s The Love Of My Life”

Hoda Kotb hasn’t been on the Today show for the past week, a fact that Matt Lauer brought up brought

Meet Ignacio, Adopted At 16 From Ecuador

Ignacio is a 16-year-old boy adopted from the Dando Amor orphanage in Quito, Ecuador by the Prince Family. He has begun

Orphan Meets New Mom And Makes Everyone Cry

Audrey Shook ran to her little daughter in the crowded airport, first kneeling and saying hello, then scooping the six-year-old

Taking The Leap Of Faith Into Adoption

The moment he met Sarah, Ryan Pettit knew he was looking at the woman he was meant to marry. “We

Fireman Adopts Baby Girl He Delivered

In November 2011, Marc Hadden and his team responded to a call regarding a mother in labor. It quickly became

On Their Way To Meet Their New Baby, These Parents Got Some Shocking News

Allison and Josh thought that their family was complete with five children.  But, says Allison, “The Lord had a different plan

Two Brothers Meet Their Birth Mom

“My name’s Robbie, and I’m going to meet my birth mother this weekend.” Robbie grew up always knowing he was

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