Mark Schultz’s ‘Everything To Me’ Is A Love Song For His Birth Mother

Christian singer Mark Schultz was adopted when he was a baby. He wrote the song “Everything To Me” as a message

Open Adoption Brought These Two Families Together Through A Path Of Heartache And Love

“It was Father’s Day 2009. And I’ll never forget it. We went to the hospital and we delivered a little

Mother Meets Daughter She Placed For Adoption 77 Years Ago

Minka was 16 years old when she was cornered in the woods and raped. A few months later, she learned

At Any Cost: How One Family Adopted 8 Children From Africa

Mike and Hayley Jones had two biological children when they decided to adopt a child – maybe a sibling pair

Ella Coming Home To Her Family From China

This is a sweet video documenting the adoption journey of a little girl named Ella. Her first year of life

Happy Birth Mother’s Day

“The choice for adoption is always a very hard decision for a woman to make. But every birth mother has

Girl, 12, Brings Down The House With Adoption Proposal Song To Stepdad During Talent Show

Hailey Quinones isn’t usually a demonstrative girl. According to her mother, she’s always making jokes to deflect her real emotions.

Girl Adopted With All 5 Siblings: ‘This Is Just What I Wanted’

“We are so blessed to have these six children join our family,” says Christopher Sanders, on the day he and

Couple Reunites – And Weds! – 38 Years After Placing Son For Adoption

Stephanie and Todd were teens who ended up experiencing an unplanned pregnancy during the late seventies. Their parents forbade them

A Promise Kept: A Mother Reunites Her Adopted Daughter With Her Birth Mother

In March of 1993, two mothers met in Lima, Peru. One, Jessica, had chosen to place her baby for adoption.

Man Reunites With Birth Family After Being Separated 67 Years

Ted had wanted all his life to meet his birth family, and after 67 years, thanks to, it finally

Our Greatest Adventure: A China Adoption Story

Adam and Stephanie sat down before meeting their son, Landon, to record some of their thoughts and feelings for him

Adopting A Child During the 2010 Haiti Earthquake

“No child should ever grow up in an orphanage. The difference between growing up in a family versus growing up

23-Year-Old Shows Up At His Birth Father’s Door Unannounced

“I started going through this identity crisis, realizing that I had a lot of unresolved feelings of anger and rejection.

I’m Adopted, But I’m Not . . .

This thoughtful and insightful video opens up the world of adoption to anyone willing to listen and learn. The adoptees

International Adoption: Our Privilege And Responsibility

“Have you ever wanted something so badly and had to work so hard at it that it exhausted all hope,

Adoption – Our Journey

“Recently . . . God answered our prayers to start a family, in the way HE had planned all along

Say Yes

“We all need love, but kids like us have just one thing: a wish. Please, somebody. See me. Talk to

Siblings Reunite After Matching On’s Reunion Registry

Five years ago, Samantha Wernet began searching for her birth family. Finally, she signed up for an account on’s

Behind the Bump: A Birth Mother’s Story

“Children need two things: the one is roots, and the other is wings.” Melissa Link parents was raised Catholic, and

Hearing These Celebrities Talk About Their Adopted Children Warms Our Hearts

“It doesn’t matter how they come into your life. The moment they put that child in your arms, rather you

God Brought This Dying Mom To The Nurse Who Was Meant To Adopt Her Son

Dan and Tricia Seaman already had four children when they were told that, due to pregnancy complications, they wouldn’t be

Simone Biles Breaks Down While Talking About The Year She Was Adopted: ‘My Parents Saved Me’

“I do remember always being hungry and afraid,” says Simone Biles of her earliest years. She was remove from her

Adoptive Mom And Adoptee Jillian Lauren Talks About Adoption, Identity, And Storytelling

  As an adoptee, an adoptive mother, and a writer, Jillian Lauren was invited to speak at a TEDx event.

My Miracle: How Adoption Saved Me

“When I was 8 years old, my parents died and I went to live in an orphanage. This is my

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