Man Finds Birth Siblings After 55-Year Separation

The last time Richard Clauson saw his older brother, Larry, the older child was stuffing his younger brother into a

8 Creative Adoption Fundraising Ideas

When the discussion turns to adoption costs, fundraising is often presented as a way to help offset the expense of

Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren on Their Adoption Journey – and the Heartbreaking Decision to Initially Leave Willa Behind

Country superstar Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, are settling happily into life as a family of three after spending

7 Things People Need To Start Saying About Adoptive Moms

There are certain things people need to avoid saying to adoptive moms. “You’ll get pregnant now that you’ve adopted!” and

The International Adoption Guide

International adoption is not a simple process! But this guide can help you understand how it all works and get

Adoption Means I Have A License To Parent. Literally.

I loved this little piece of adoption humor! No doubt about it: that home study is pretty serious business. If you’ve

Visiting My Son’s Birth Mother In Ethiopia Taught Me How Strong I Was As A Mother

A few years after adopting her son from Ethiopia, Amber was approached by her little boy, who asked her where

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Positive Adoption Language?

Those new to the world of adoption may not be familiar with the most respectful way to phrase things. News

Don’t Adopted Kids Have Issues?

“One of the things I’ve heard more than once is that your adopted child is going to have issues. When

Looking For Their Forever Family: Meet La Mont’e and Nicholas

La Mont’e, 15, and Nicholas 14 are brothers from Georgia who are hoping to be adopted together. They are described

To The Childless Mother On Mother’s Day

After four painful years of infertility, Jessica Good was excited to be able to finally celebrate Mother’s Day as a

Quiz: Why Would A Birth Mom Want To Remember?

We hear a lot about the challenges associated with placing a child – the agonizing decision, the sacrifice, the subsequent

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Alexander

Alexander, age 11, is an imaginative boy with aspirations to channel his creative energy as a comic book creator, robot

Affording Adoption Guide

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the phrase, “We would adopt, but it’s just too expensive!” But

Couple Who Adopted 2 Sets of Twins Gives Birth to Twins . . . And They All Have The Same Birthday!

Carrie and Craig Kosinski were told they wouldn’t be able to have biological children. They were happy to pursue adoption,

Ladavia: Looking For Her Forever Family

Thirteen-year-old Ladavia is a skilled skateboarder who enjoyed learning some new tricks during her Wednesday’s Child feature. When asked to

Adoption Is Bittersweet

“Though our love for our children is fierce and deep, though our adoption day marks our most joyous occasion, our

Films Like ‘The Boss Baby’ Can Be Painful For Adoptees and Foster Care

Films directed toward kids often contain some sort of adoption theme. Think about some of the bigger animated hits of

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Birth Parent Rights?

If you’re considering pursuing an infant adoption in the United States, either as an adoptive parent or as a birth

I Wish I’d Known About Positive Adoption Language Before I Started The Adoption Process

“Words are powerful. Words are so, incredibly, powerful.” When adoptive mom Natalie Brenner first started the adoption process, she announced

What It’s Like Opening A Closed Adoption

“Opening up a closed adoption can feel like you are opening Pandora’s Box. You are flooded with feelings of apprehension,

Adoption Is Not What I Thought It Was

Before Natalie Brenner adopted, she thought of adoption as a cut-and-dried affair. It was as simple as parents deciding to

Quora: Do You Ever Regret Adopting Your Child?

This question, posed on the question/answer forum Quora, elicited some honest responses from adoptive parents. Many parents reflected on doubts

Newly Opened Adoption Records Enable Police Officer To Reunite With Her Mother

Megan Keller, an adoptee and police officer in New Jersey, was interested in filling in her family medical history. So

The One Thing You Must Never Say To An Adoptive Mom

Rachel Lewis is an adoptive mom. She writes, “I’ve heard it. You’ve heard it. Maybe you’ve said it. You know someone. I

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