Saroo and Sue Brierley Talk about ‘Lion,’ The Film That Portrays Their Adoption Story

Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman are starring in the new film Lion, a true story about adoption and adoption reunion.

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Christopher

Four-year-old Christopher got to paint a mask for himself on a special outing with a reporter from Koin 5. He

“Adoption: By The Numbers” – NCFA Releases Comprehensive Adoption Statistics

If you’ve tried to gather numbers about domestic infant adoptions in the United States, you’ve probably run into a bit

Looking For a Forever Family: Tyler

Tyler is a handsome 17-year-old boy from the Washington D.C. area who has been in foster care for 10 years.

Levi’s Story — Part 2

Adoptions are full of many emotions. Excitement and nervousness are wrapped up into the journey. While awaiting Levi, this family

The Adoption Question Box

If your kids aren’t talking about adoption without your prompting, it doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about it. Sometimes kids

Dear Miss Othmar

To His Teacher Dear Miss Othmar, You are about to become the third most important person in my son’s life. You

Why “I’d get too attached” just doesn’t cut it

Is getting attached to a child a bad thing? People use that reason as why they don’t want to be


Looking through old family slides, we reminisce about memories and may see characteristics and features that resemble ours in our

Will Brexit affect the UK adoption of eastern European migrants’ children?

A lot of news in Europe this past week has also raised questions for how it will play a role

10 Things Adoptees Want You to Know

Written from the perspective an adoptee, they share some intimate details about the core being of themselves and where they

Becoming a Dad

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! Quotes on fatherhood Becoming a dad is achieved in many ways.

To Search, or Not to Search?

I recently met a man who told me he was adopted as an infant after I shared with him that

Grief & Loss & Adoptees

I remember being a little girl, thinking, “Wow.. She sure is happy I’m here, to be her daughter” and I

10 Things You May Not Know About Adoptive Breastfeeding

I have a biological son that I was able to successfully breastfeed for over a year. When we realized the

3 Ways to Respond to Stupid Things People Say About Adoption

These answers to stupid questions can benefit everyone involved. In the past couple of months, there seems to have been

How Infertility and Adoption Made Me a Better Mom

Sometimes the trials we face in life are what make us grow and be better people. This mom shares her

Kenya Bans All Adoptions by Foreigners

According to Kenya news outlets, cabinet officials recently announced a ban on foreign adoptions on November 27, 2014. According to

Imagine a World – Meme

It’s like a fairy tale to imagine a world where no children ever have to live in orphanages, foster homes

What’s the Point of Adopting a 17-year-old Kid?

A 17 year old is about to age out of the foster system. They will be adults.  So what exactly

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