10 Simple Ways To Build Your Connection With Your Adopted Child

Connecting with your adopted child may not come as easily as you might think it should. Especially if your child

What To Do The First Day With A New Foster Child

A child placed in your home as a foster placement is going to be scared and uncertain about what to

6 Things You Should NOT Say To Your Adopted Child

We chose you. It was meant to be. You were wanted. You’re lucky.’s Tom Andriola is an adoptee who

Adopt Without Debt!

How will we EVER be able to afford to adopt?  Cost can be a huge deterrent for a lot of

8 Things To Do While You Wait For An Adoption

Adoptive mom Maya Brown-Zimmerman knows how excruciating the adoption wait can be.  She writes, “We waited two years, two months, one

5 Thanksgiving Crafts Perfect for Sending to Birth Families

Looking for some cool crafts to do with your children this Thanksgiving? Check out this slideshow. Thanksgiving is a great

A Mother Describes Her Excruciating Decision To Reverse Her Daughter’s Adoption

One of the most difficult decisions anyone in adoption would ever have to make is whether or not to reverse

Talking About Transracial Adoption: A Guide

If you are anything like me, sometimes you just stare in dumbfounded amazement, with a crinkled brow and a look

5 Things Not to Say to Mothers of Transracial Adoption

The things people say are often cringe worthy. I often wonder if they always say things without thinking how it

I Was Adopted – 5 Things I Want You to Know

As an adoptive parent, I am often told how wonderful I am to have adopted my son. Or sometimes they

5 Times I Have Felt Silenced in Adoption | Adoptee Perspective

Those who were adopted often feel like their voice is taken from them, overshadowed by their adoptive parents and birth

8 Reasons Why Adoptees Should Have Access to Their Original Birth Certificates

I luckily live in a state that recently enacted a law opening up birth certificates for adoptees that were 18

6 Perks to Being an Adoptive Mom

Many people question their ability to love a child through adoption the same way they would a child that was

Adoption Myths Guide

There is no shortage of false information when it comes to adoption. How can you be sure the info you

My Six Favorite Experiences as an Adoptive Dad

Click through this inspirational slideshow and see this adoptive dad share his favorite moments of fatherhood with his little girl.

5 Great Books for Dads-to-Be

For all the men about to be dads, here is a great list of books for you! Choose from a

10 Ways to Support a New Adoptive Family

When someone brings home a new baby, they often have visitors, gifts and meals.  But when a family adopts, many

A Child who was Adopted to Know Where He Comes From

No matter what your stance is on open vs closed adoption, you cannot avoid the fact that a child who

4 Father’s Day Crafts to Send to Your Child’s Birth Father

Dad’s can be so hard to buy for! Seems they have everything they want and need already.  Even with Pinterest

China Adoption Guide

Are you considering international adoption? China is often a top contender for many people considering adoption. This slideshow list will

Fast Adoption Facts

This website provides fast and interesting facts about adoption. Listing out several categories, you are surely to learn something you

Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver star in Jockey’s adoption awareness gala: Slideshow

Jordy Nelson attends an Adoption Fundraiser There were quite a few big names in the room for Jockey International Inc.’s

Where Can I Find Resources for my Kiddos After Our Adoption Placement?

Are you looking for resources that can help your adopted child or your family deal with some of the emotional

Top 8 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Your Multicultural Family

How do you celebrate the 5th of May? Cinco de Mayo can be an important cultural addition if you have

6 Ways to Spread the Word About National Foster Care Month

How can we give back or support the cause of bringing more awareness to the foster care system or kids

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