Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Adoption Bullying?

Bullying continues to be a problem in this country. And sometimes on the playground, “you’re adopted” can be an insult.

Quiz: Making The Most Of Your Adoption Wait

Ah, the infamous adoption wait. It’s rough, the waiting. Everybody says so. It’s hard to wait, unsure of when your

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About International Adoption?

The world of international adoption is shrouded by myths and misunderstandings. A lot of people have certain ideas about adopting

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Foster Care?

Do you have to be married to be a foster parent? Do you need to own your own home? Are

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Adoption Fraud?

Adoption is complex. It can be confusing. The people involved are often emotionally vulnerable and/or desperate. This all combines to

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Using Social Media To Help With Adoption?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It seems like almost everyone spends some time on social media. Some love it more than others,

Quiz: Cool Adoption Facts

How well do you know your adoption facts? For those who haven’t spent much time thinking about it, adoption can

Quiz: Birth Mother Myths

Does a birth mother in a closed adoption care about the baby she placed for adoption? Are birth moms all

Quiz: Do You Know How To Help A Friend Who Is Adopting?

Do you have a friend who is adopting? Are you at a loss about how to best provide support and

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Birth Fathers?

Birth fathers are largely the silent members of the adoption triad. Oft-maligned and seldom heard from within the adoption community,

Quiz: Why Why Would Someone Who Was Adopted Search For Their Birth Family?

For people who weren’t adopted, an adopted person’s desire to search for birth family members can seem puzzling. When embarking

Quiz: Are You Ready For Your Adoption Home Study?

A lot of prospective adoptive parents are intimidated by the prospect of a home study. After all, it can sound

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Foster Parenting?

Are you ready to be an awesome foster parent? This quiz, based on an article by adoptive and foster mom

Adoption Trivia: How Much Do You Know About Adoption?

What percentage of people who adopt have fertility issues? When was the first adoption in recorded history? Are open adoption

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About The Hague Convention?

If you’re pursuing an international adoption, you’re going to run into it – The Hague Adoption Convention. The Hague Adoption Convention

Quiz: How Will Adoption Affect Your Marriage?

With all the focus on adding a new child to your family, you might not think about what’s going to

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Open Adoption?

For many decades in the United States, adoptions were an affair shrouded in secrecy. Birth families and adoptive families did

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Adopting A Child With Special Needs?

What is it like to parent a child with special needs? Many children available for adoption today have special needs.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Integrating a Challenging Child Into Your Family?

Most children adopted internationally or from foster care have experienced some sort of trauma. Depending on the trauma they experienced

Quiz: Talking About Adoption (Why Did You Adopt Me?)

Why did you adopt me? This is a major question, one that almost every adopted child will ask sooner or

How Much Do You Know About International Adoption?

Does international adoption cost less than domestic adoption? Can such adoptions be open? From what country do most adoptions originate?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Parenting An Adopted Child?

Though parenting an adopted child will look a like parenting a child born to you biologically, there are a few

Quiz: Creating Stress-Free Mealtimes As A Foster Family

Feeding kids can be a challenge. Feeding kids who haven’t always lived with you can be an even greater challenge.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Virtual Twinning?

Occasionally in adoption, virtual twinning will occur, meaning two children of approximately the same age become siblings in the same

Adopting a Baby: Quiz

Do you have a desire to adopt an infant? Do you think you understand all there is to know about

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