Some Things Are Worth The Wait

Waiting is so hard. And of course, adoption has a lot of waiting involved. You wait for your home study

We Loved You

“We loved you even before we knew you, even when there was just a hope for you, we loved you.”

Forever Family For Foster Children

A forever family may be something that some of us take for granted. This kind of family may come in

Full Hands Means A Full Heart

Have you heard the expression “You must have your hands full” in response to you having children? Yeah, I thought

Birth Mother Love

Birth mother love is sacred, beautiful, and heartbreaking. “The reasons behind this decision are vast and varied, but in the

Adoption Is Love For Adoptees

“You were loved. You are loved. You will always be loved.” Adoption is love at it’s simplest form. What many

Foster Children Education: The Heartbreaking Statistics

Foster children education will take a huge hit because of the instability, constant moving, and trauma a child has faced.

Birth Father Voices Matter

Birth father voices often get lost in the adoption process. There are many stereotypes that birth fathers have, like birth

Myths And Realities Of Birth Mothers

The realities of birth mothers has long been covered by the many myths that society and media have created. The

DNA Testing – Have You Tried It?

DNA testing has come a long way. You’ll find that it’s becoming increasingly popular for adoptees and birth parents to

The Step By Step Adoption Process For Adoptive Families

Adoption can seem pretty complicated to the uninitiated. This simple infographic helps break the process down step by step to

Don’t Let The Cost Of Adoption Keep You From Pursuing Your Dreams

“Whether adoption is right for you is a complex decision, but the cost should not keep  you from pursuing this

These Kids Need Love More Than You Need To Protect Your Heart

“These kids need love more than you need to protect your heart.” People often say they couldn’t foster because they

I Don’t Think Our Family Is Any Different

Every family is unique. But adoption doesn’t make a family any different from a family formed by biology. Families, like

Can An Adopted Child Be Successful?

Can an adopted child succeed in life? Heck yes! This awesome infographic shows that people who are adopted can not only be successful

It Was So Completely Worth It

“Will all this effort be worth it?” When you are in the middle of the adoption process . . .

Bad vs. Good Adoption Language

Adoption is a subject that carries a heavy emotional burden. It’s connected to the most intense kind of love –

From The First Moment I Saw You, I Knew You Were Meant To Be Mine

I hear it all the time: Adoptive parents talk about meeting their babies for the first time and knowing that

Adoptive Parents Become Biological Parents Through Connection?

“Adoptive parents become biological parents through connection. We change their biology.” Karyn Purvis took a lot of heat for making

Our Little Ones Never Stray Far From Our Hearts

“Our little ones never stray far from our hearts.” For adoptive parents, this statement true even before you’ve met your

10 Ways To Help A Foster Child

This map will help you find your best way to helping a foster child. You’ll start with your concern to

The Risk Is Great, But The Need Is Greater

When you choose to bring a child into your family through adoption, you will wonder: Will I be a good

Adoption Is A Sacred Exchange

“We look at adoption as a very sacred exchange. It was not done lightly on either side.” – Jamie Lee

You Had Dreams For Me

“You had dreams for me. You wanted the best for me. And you made the only choice you could that

The Heart Of A Foster Mother, A Poem

A foster mother may not be the person who was always be there for a child, but she is there

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