I Said No To A Placement

“Never had it occurred to me when we began our adoption journey 10 years ago that we would be the

Do News Features Really Help Kids Get Adopted?

A news station based in Oklahoma, KFOR, answered this question recently when they published an article about 50 children now

“We Are So Alike In Some Ways, It’s Scary”: Birth Mother And Daughter Reunited After 30 Years

Lisa Griggs always knew she was adopted – her entire adoptive family was African American – but it wasn’t until

International Adoptees Fear Deportation

Deportation is usually the last thing on the mind of someone who has lived in the United State their whole

Police Officer Adopts Boy He Helped Rescue From Severe Abuse

Officer Jody Thompson wasn’t on duty when he heard overheard a dispatch about an abused child. But because he had

Public Adoption Announcements: Hurtful Or Not?

You’ve been matched with an expectant mother considering adoption and you are SO EXCITED. You want to shout your news

I’m Mixed Race And Was Adopted By A White Family: This Is My Experience

While the experience of being raised by a family that doesn’t share your race can have its challenges, says Emma

Open Adoption Is Not About You

“Openness can be scary,” confesses adoptive mom Karen White, “even when done right.” But the first thing you need to

34 Life-Changing Reasons to be a Foster Parent

Why should you become a foster parent? There are a LOT of great reasons! This list includes everything from “you

How A Single Mom Found Herself With 9 Children

Jessika Reed is a single mom who has a passion for helping kids with special needs. She’s so passionate about

New Book In Three Voices Tells The True Story Of An Open Adoption

There’s a new book out telling an adoption story – and it includes perspectives from all sides of the adoption

Looking For His Forever Family: Meet Luis

Luis has been in foster care since he was 8 years old. At 17, he still yearns for the stability

The Cutest Pictures of Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay’s Family of 5

Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay have three children, two of whom were adopted. Though the adoption journey wasn’t always smooth,

Please Don’t Make Me Feel Guilty For Wanting Contact With My Biological Family

For years, Ashley Foster didn’t mind that she didn’t know who her biological family was. But then the questions started

8 Celebrities Celebrating The Fact That They Were Adopted

“I can honestly say being adopted was one of the best things to ever happen to me,’ she added. ‘It

7 Foster Care Skills You Need Before Becoming a Foster Parent

Before becoming a foster parent, writes foster dad Patrick Watt, it’s important that you take a long, hard look at yourself.

A Letter To My Dad, An Adoptive Father Of 13

“You rescued me. Before I was even born, you chose me through adoption. Before you even saw me, your heart

The DNA Detective: How DO You Trace Your Family After You’ve Been Abandoned As a Newborn Baby?

Julia Bell has been interested in helping people find their biological roots for almost her entire life. It began with

Search and Reunion Guide

The process of finding a birth parent or the child you placed for adoption can seem intimidating at first. But

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Dating A Birth Mom?

“Dear Men Who Date Birth Moms, I bet you never expected to be reading this letter.” In this article on

3 Words That Will Help You Comfort Anyone

Adoption is a beautiful thing. However, there is no escaping the simple fact that its foundation is a whole heap

Adopting Teens: Correcting Rude Behavior While Maintaining Connections

The teen years are almost always a challenging time for parents and kids alike. When a teen has experienced trauma

‘The Hardest Decision Of My Life’: Mom Reconnects With Twin Daughters After 18 Years

“Inside, I was ripping my heart out. But not for one second did I doubt it was the best choice

New Book Details This Man’s 22-Year Search For Birth Parents

John Bates spent 22 years searching for his birth parents, hoping to gain an understanding of who he was and where

Hill Harper Is a Dad! Actor Opens Up About Welcoming a Son Through Adoption: ‘He Chose Me’

You don’t hear a lot about single dads adopting, but here’s a celebrity adoption story that will warm your heart!

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