What Causes Post-Adoption Depression?

You’ve persisted through years of paperwork, intrusive questions from social workers, visits to court, disappointments, and more . . .

Adoption By The Numbers Study | 75% Decrease In International Adoptions

The National Council For Adoption recently released a comprehensive analysis of adoption trends over the past thirty years. One major

Guests In The Hospital: My Story Of Becoming An Adoptive Parent

Emma Jacobson and her husband were honored to be invited into the hospital delivery room. They loved Rachel – the

Everything You Need To Know About The 2017 Adoption Tax Credit

Learn everything you need to know about maximizing your adoption tax credit this year by listening to detailed interviews with

Adoption At The Movies: Review of The Lego Batman Movie

I’d never really thought about it before, but Batman was kind of adopted . . . at least, he was

Learn About the 4 “Aha Moments” That Changed This Mom’s Foster Adoption Journey

Caroline Bailey and her husband built their family through foster adoption. And along the way, as happens with every adoption

Why Do Adoption Reunions Go Wrong?

We’ve all seen the Oprah adoption reunions, replete with joyful tears and warm embraces. And sometimes that’s how reunions go.

Country Singer Thomas Rhett and Wife Lauren Are Adopting – And Pregnant!

Singer-songwriter Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, had always planned on adopting . . . and when they encountered some

19 Things Nobody Tells You About Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster Mom Dane Bauer Hassid uses Buzzfeed’s signature GIF list format to share some insider’s perspectives on foster care. She

Nicole Kidman Talks About ‘Lion’, Her Connection With Her Character

Nicole Kidman’s new film ‘Lion’ is an adoption story. Kidman plays the role of Sue Bierley, the adoptive mother of

8 Things Every Mom Could Learn From An Adoptive Mom

Adoptive Mom Emily Westbrooks says she knows there’s a lot she has to learn about motherhood. But, she adds, there

Can You Love Your Adopted Child As Much As If They Were Your Own Flesh and Blood?

This question, posed on the website Quora, provoked a lot of responses . . . well over a hundred people

9 Things Foster Parents Want You To Know

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about foster care, foster parents, and foster kids. Emily Westbrooks harbored a

Quora Discussion: What Is It Like To Adopt A Teenager?

This question was recently posted on Quora, a question-and-answer website. The answers are honest and insightful. You’ll hear from Matt

Watch Behind The Bump: A Birth Mom’s Story

Birth mom Melissa Link didn’t intent to make herself the subject of a documentary . . . it just kind

Madonna Confirms Adoption Of Twins With Heartwarming Instagram Post

Madonna confirmed recently that she has adopted twin daughters, Estere and Stelle, from an orphanage in Malawi. These children will

Adopted Babies Can Remember Their Birth Language

A study conducted by three researchers in the field of brain development and language acquisition has found that people who

Looking For Her Forever Family: Meet Yadi

Yadi is an “inquisite, insightful, and sagacious” girl who wants people to know just how much teens need families. She’s an

Eagle Scout Gives Back To Charity That Helped Him Find His Forever Family

Fifteen-year-old Adam Palmer’s life had a rough start. He says, “I was neglected for the first 11 months of my

3 Things You Should Know Before Adopting

When adoptive Mom Laura Boccaleone was asked to speak to prospective adoptive parents at an information meeting, she began reflecting on

Mom Adopts Puppy To Help Her Adopted Son Feel At Home

Kari Lewis adopted her son, Buddy, when he was one year old. At the same time, she adopted Reagan, a

Adoptee Angela Tucker: I Wonder If Kamiyah Mobley Believes The Word “Mother” Is A Verb

You may have heard about her in the news: Kamiyah Mobley, age 18, recently learned something about herself: The woman

At What Age Should You Tell You’re Child They Were Adopted?

Occasionally I’ll come across a story about someone who didn’t know they were adopted until it accidentally came out at

An Open Letter To A Fellow Birthmom

Choosing to place a baby for adoption opens up the gateway to a long path of conflicting emotions: Loss and

I Will Never Get Over Placing My Child For Adoption

“Placing baby R made me a warrior, and I have the battle scars to prove it.” Occasionally people will tell

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