3 Reasons You Should Grieve Not Having An Open Adoption

Not every adoption is able to have an open adoption. Even in an age where open adoption is more acceptable

When People Suggest Foster Care Adoption & It’s Not Right For You

People are often well-meaning, but sometimes you need to shut the comments down. This just might be the case when

Former Foster Care Teen Shares How Beauty Routine Helped Her Find Identity

In this personal essay, Lisa Marie Basile shares how her beauty routine was affected by foster care and how she

What “I’m Tired” Really Means To A New Mom

When you’re a new mom, “I’m tired” takes on a whole new meaning. Or maybe eight new meanings, depending on

What Makes Transracial Adoptions Fail?

Natalie Brenner, transracial adoptive parent, interviews Rhonda M. Roorda, an adoptee from a white-parent home, author, and adoptee spokeswoman. This

Millionaire Takes 70 Foster Children In After Hurricane

When a natural disaster strikes what happens to the community’s most vulnerable? Well for these 70 foster children, they spent

The Top Misconceptions About Adopting

There are many misconceptions about adopting. But this article explores the top four and why they shouldn’t necessarily stop you

9 Adoption Grants & Loans To Help You Afford Adoption

There are many adoption grants and loans available to families that need financial assistance. Affording adoption is no easy feat,

7 Reasons I Said No To A Hopeful Adoptive Family

As a hopeful adoptive family you wonder if you’re doing everything right as you try to make a match with

This Undeserved Life Talks Brokenness That Comes With Adoption

Natalie Brenner shared this excerpt from her book, This Undeserved Life, on her Facebook page: “I must acknowledge that though

What Not To Say To Special Needs Parents

As special needs parents you hear a lot of well-intentioned comments, but these comments can actually be quite hurtful. In

From CASA, To Foster Parent, To Dad

Tom Bauer was hesitant to be part of CASA, an organization that advocates on behalf of children in the foster

What To Do Before The Adoption Process

The adoption process is a long process. So what should you do before the adoption process? Well, start with doing

Adopted From China, 7 Girls Reunite Every Year

Hannah Stern, Hannah Chapman, Madison Parry, Clara Currie, Rosie Levinson, Kayla Steele and Nell Weaver were all adopted from China

Family Thought Only Brother Was Placed For Adoption, Then Sister Showed Up

Barbara Pilotte knew she had been placed for adoption all her life. It wasn’t until her adoptive mother passed away

6 Things You Should Know About Adoptee Suicide

It is more than a sad thought, but adoptee suicide is major problem. Adoptees are four times more likely to

Judge Opens Adoption Records, Reunites Family

Adoption records are notorious for being closed. But for this family, the adoption record was unsealed and allowed four sisters

Family Worried Medicaid Cuts Will Cause Harm To 14 Special Needs Adoptees

Meet the Betzers who live in Idaho. The Betzers have adopted 14 children from foster care and nearly all have

Preparing Your Children For An Adopted Sibling

Adding an adopted sibling can be a bit worrisome. You worry about how your current children will handle your new

Sterling K. Brown From This Is Us Helps Transracial Families

Sterling K. Brown plays Randall Pearson on This is Us. Randall is a transracial adoptee. And because of that, Sterling

This Is My Birth Mother

This is my birth mother Those are the word’s adoptee Emily Potts writes to start her narrative. This is my

15 Foster Care Adoption Surprises

Foster care adoption surprises doesn’t mean foster care adoption is filled with unpleasant surprises. On the contrary, it’s more like

Growing Up In Abusive Home Inspired Adoptive Mom To Protect Other Children

When Rene was a child she wished that she could have a family that would protect her and not be

70 Years In The Making, Reunion Happens Thanks To DNA Testing

DNA testing brought two sisters together after 70 years of being a part. Patricia Milliken and Jean Celletti were able to meet

How 12 Families Celebrate Their Adoption Anniversary

Celebrating an adoption anniversary is different for every family. These special days are spread throughout the year and families all

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