8 Things Adoptive Parents Can’t Help Worrying About

All parents worry about their kids. It’s just part and parcel with the role of parenting. But adoption adds another

What Does It Feel Like To Be Adopted?

“What does it feel like to be adopted? Why were you adopted, I mean, was there a backstory? When did

3 Reasons I Chose Adoption When I Experienced An Unplanned Pregnancy

When Annaleece Merrill found herself experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, she spent many months “trying to convince myself that I was

I Was Chosen To Be A Great Mom: An Adoption Love Story

“I’m not a ‘great mom’ because I adopted my children . . .  I am a great mom because I

Don’t Let The ‘Bad Stories’ Keep You From Adopting Or Fostering

“I would never want to subject my family to that.” This powerful article about foster care and foster adoption get

Adopted One Month Before Her 18th Birthday

Chris and Alicia Bieniek have a heart for teens in foster care. They’ve been fostering children for 12 years and

Every Child Deserves A Home And Love. Period.

So often I hear people brush off the possibility of adoption – especially foster or international adoption – with a

Let’s Get Real About Foster Care: 6 Myths Debunked

This article was written specifically for Washington state parents, but it’s got some important info for everyone who has ever

Meeting My Son’s Birth Mom In The Hospital

“My eyes found hers, the woman who birthed our son and loved him since his beginnings, and the tears in

Debunking 7 Myths About Foster Care

It’s Foster Care Awareness Month! Buckner International, an organization devoted to helping serve vulnerable children, seniors, and families, wants you

Paths To Motherhood: International Adoption

Nicky Cronk wasn’t always sure that she wanted to be a mother. And then she met her husband and everything

Sharon Stone’s Son Sums Up The Beauty Of Adoption In Just Five Words

Actress Sharon Stone is an adoptive mom to three boys: Roan, 16, Laird, 12, and Quinn, 10. Adoption was something

Thomas Rhett And His Wife Lauren Akins Bring Home Daughter Willa Gray

Country star Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, were extremely excited to announce that they were able to bring their

Woman Finds Birth Mom Through Facebook Post

Everybody has seen at least one Facebook post being circulated around showing someone trying to find their birth family. Maybe

Missouri Adoptees Will Soon Be Able To Access Their Birth Records

Beginning next year, the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act will allow all adoptees in the state of Missouri to access to

8 Things You Don’t Think About Until You Become An Adoptive Mom

“I’m not sure you can fully know all that adoption entails before you’re in it, which is why there are

This Mother’s Day, This Man Has Something Important To Say To His Birth Mother

“It’s 2017, I’m almost 30, I’m really happy that I’m here.I think when people get pregnant now and don’t want

7 Celebrity Adoption Stories That Will Warm Your Heart (PHOTOS)

Most people in the adoption community know which of their favorite celebrities have adoption connections . . . but not everyone

How to Strengthen Your Marriage on the Fostering or Adoption Journey

Parenting children can create stress in a marriage. According to marriage experts, the top three things that married couples fight

Girl, 12, Brings Down The House With Adoption Proposal Song To Stepdad During Talent Show

Hailey Quinones isn’t usually a demonstrative girl. According to her mother, she’s always making jokes to deflect her real emotions.

Adopting Doesn’t Make Parenting Any Easier

“You are complaining that your kid throws awful tantrums? Did you, like, want a kid forever?” Apparently some people think

Girl Adopted With All 5 Siblings: ‘This Is Just What I Wanted’

“We are so blessed to have these six children join our family,” says Christopher Sanders, on the day he and

I Couldn’t Conceive Naturally, So I Adopted An Embryo. Here’s What It Was Like

“Through embryo adoption, we have two amazing children, a close relationship with our donor family, and have been able to

Attachment Disorder: What To Do When Your Child Attaches Too Quickly

Sometimes children respond to an unstable attachment history by working hard to avoid attachments. They’ll do whatever they can to

Fostering/Adopting A Child That’s Come From An Abusive Home

As a foster parent, you will be welcoming children into your home who have often come from extremely difficult circumstances.

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