Why I Adopted Multiple Children Of The Same Race

When Shelley Skuster and her husband adopted a child from a different race, they knew that they wanted to adopt

10 Things I Felt When I Finally Held My Adopted Daughter In My Arms

Gratitude. Surprise. Delight. Incredulity. Joy. After years of waiting for the opportunity to be a mother, adoptive mom Emily Westbrooks

Couple In Their 50s Still Adding To Their Family Through Adoption And Foster Care

Though most of their friends are now empty-nesters, or at least approaching that point, Kerry and Nancy Frantz aren’t quite

Should I Adopt?

Are you considering adoption? Then it’s time to ask yourself some serious questions. Is your spouse on board? Are you

What Does If Feel Like To Be Adopted?

This question, posed on the popular question-and-answer platform Quora, garnered varied responses, though all of them could be used to guide adoptive

Birth Mother Spends 50 Years Looking For Her Daughter – Only To Find Her Living 11 Miles Away

When she was a teenager, Moira Hyslop became pregnant. She wasn’t given a choice regarding what to do: she was forced

Law Will Unseal Original Birth Certificates Of Adoptees In Arkansas

Shane Carter’s parents were always open with him about his adoption. He grew up in a loving home and was

Can You Foster A Newborn Baby While Working Full-Time?

Caroline Bailey’s first foster placement was a 2-day-old baby boy. He was placed with Caroline and her husband on a Friday

8 Personal Questions People Will Ask You After You Adopt

Every time Emily Westbrooks goes to the grocery store someone inevitably asks her if her daughter is adopted. In fact,

Angelina Jolie’s Adoption Of Oldest Son Maddox Called Into Question

A Cambodian aid worker is claiming that he signed documents stating that he was the father of Angelina Jolie’s oldest

Adopted 6-Year-Old Wants To Change His Name: Should His Parents Let Him?

Recently in Reddit, a mother posted a thread asking about whether or not she should allow her adopted 6-year-old to change

Unspeakable Joy: Adopting A Child With Complex Special Needs

“When we finally made it to China Savannah was 3 years old, 11 pounds, no teeth, no hair, no suck

How To Ask Questions About My Child With Special Needs

One of my children has some developmental delays. You can’t tell by looking at him that he has special needs,

For My Daughter’s Birth Mother: YOU Are The Ray Of Light

When Carrie Goldman met her daughter’s birth mother, M, in a restaurant one day, each of them was struggling with

Building Bonds With My Adoptive Parents

In this article, adoptee Ashley Foster describes a few of her memories of her parents – her mom providing cookies

Top 10 Books About Adopted Children

“It’s easy to see why adoption is such a powerful source of storytelling,” writes author Kate Hamer. “Mystery. Multiple identities. Families

Why Do Adoption Reunions Go Wrong?

This question, posed on Reddit, provoked some thoughtful responses that could benefit people preparing for their own adoption reunions. “They

When All Is Lost: The Infectious Side Of Trauma (Adoption Parenting)

Laura Boccaleone, adoptive and foster mom and blogger at Full Time Tired, has reached the end of her rope. Her

‘It Has Changed Our Family Forever’: Mom Talks About Adopting Baby Without Arms Or Legs

“We were scared to begin with, not knowing what to expect, but everything has fallen into place.” Adrianne Stewart and

2017 Adoption at the Movies Awards

Adoption (and related themes) played a starring role in a lot of films in 2016 . . . and the

Total Number of Adoptions is Down

Since 2007, the number of child adoptions into families in the US has decreased significantly. This decrease is partially due

Private Agency Adoptions Decrease

In the United States, there are a few pathways to adoption: Public Agency Adoption – Facilitated by state-run agencies, these

6 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Adoptive Families . . . Plus A Bonus Story

Ginger Healey, a licensed clinical social worker and adoptive mom, is an expert on adoption etiquette. And she’s here to tell

Special Needs Adoptions Have Increased

In 2007, 32,402 children with special needs were adopted in the United States; in 2014, that number had almost doubled

I Adopted A Child With Special Needs & It Changed My Life In Ways I Never Imagined

A lot of people are afraid of adopting because they’re worried about the unknowns – what if a child presents

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