Actress Sandra Bullock Adopts Second Child

We love to hear celebrity adoption stories and the girl next store, America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock has done it again.  Sandra added Laila to the mix, giving Louis a little sister.  First fostering Laila, Sandy and Louis felt she was a perfect fit for their family and so they adopted her.

The news is out and Sandra Bullock is shouting the praises of adoption through foster care.  Joining big brother Louis (also adopted), is 3-year-old Laila, who was first fostered by Sandra Bullock. As a foster child, Laila’s identity needed to be protected. Sandra has been careful and cautious to maintain privacy, but at the same time, she hopes that the public will become aware of the great need in the United States for children to be given homes.

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Crystal Kent

Crystal Kent has been immersed in the adoption world for 2 years. She is from the great northwest and enjoys jogging, reading, and playing with her dog.

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