21 Love-Filled Photos Of Adoptive Families Coming Together

Take a tour through these beautifully captured adoptive families coming together and celebrate adoption awareness. How does your family celebrate National Adoption Month? Do you volunteer, share photos, increase awareness, etc?

Adoptive Families Coming Together

Today marks the last day of National Adoption Month, a time to let families who grew through adoption share their stories and to shine a light on the many children who still need loving homes.

The journey to bring together adoptive parents and kids can be long and emotional, but the result shows that it’s all worth it.

Here are 21 beautiful photos of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even friends coming together as families through adoption.

View the full slideshow here.


Crystal Kent

Crystal Kent has been immersed in the adoption world for 2 years. She is from the great northwest and enjoys jogging, reading, and playing with her dog.

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